Don’t Whine if You Can’t Reach!

I know that sounds harsh but I think it’s great wisdom. It’s been days since the election last Tuesday and I think that it really doesn’t matter what the results would have been, people still were going to whine. I have heard complaints stemming from fears of potential changes to healthcare,  concerns about job security, and even whether welfare will change some of its policies. I have absolutely no problem with concern but concern without readiness to act is WORRY. Worry is worthless and eats up your life.

You DO have reason to question if you have job security          (by the way, YOU DON’T!!)

You DO have reason to seek the best healthcare options for your family

You DO have reason to seek out the income you need to secure the lifestyle you desire

What you DON’T have is is reason to think that your worry, complaints, wishes, or fears will change a single thing without the willingness to reach!!

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that you should never work to earn, but rather, work to learn. That’s sound advice! Regardless of why you work where you work, you must examine and ask yourself WHY you work there and WHAT is to become of you. A paycheck is a horrible reason to remain at a job where you work for someone else. I know I know: ‘I need to make money somehow.’ Agreed! Question: are you wealthy right now? If not why do you think you will EVER reach your goals by staying where you are now? Don’t fool yourself. Financial freedom will come AFTER mental freedom from old fashioned useless thinking.

I want to be wealthy and financially free, WHERE DO I START?

1. Quit your job!

No, I don’t recommend tendering your resignation tomorrow morning. What  I mean is that you must change your motive for working! Ask yourself, examine, scrutinize….what VALUE do you bring to your place of business? What can you offer that you don’t do now? Learn how you can grow right where you are at.  Talk to your boss, seek out opportunities. Many times an employer loves to have an employee that is seeking to be utilized in a better way. Your increased value brings him/her added value! Quit being a regular slaving worker and make your top priority working on yourself!

2. Study……yourself

Remember when you were young and you had your favorite diary or journal, it kept all your secrets and desires. Revisit that behavior. Start anew with a fresh page and write out all of your passions, burdens,  desires, and vision. At first it is hard, don’t give up! The thing I hate about a regular job is that you get so used to the monotony of your everyday routine. Your creativity, your dreams, and your ambition get smothered. Fight for your right to dream! Get in touch with your heart and go from there. Most successful people did not start out on the road to wealth with a crafty business plan, rather, they came up with a creative way to solve a problem!

3. Start Thinking Like the People Who are Where you Want to be

Poverty in America is something much different than poor living.

Poor means:     Passing   Over Opportunity Routinely

Look for opportunity everywhere you go. Look for chances to expand and do things that move you closer to your goal. You would be amazed at the opportunities people are finding in home based businesses and part time opportunities. Do your homework and schedule some time to pursue your wealth. As Jim Rohn taught us to say: “I’m working full time on my job and part time on my fortune!”

Read a copy of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill. There are free copies all over the net.

4. Work on you for 30 minutes each day!

My day begins with Bible reading and video or a book that inspires and challenges me. I can’t be empty and expect to have something to offer during the day. I recently created a playlist on my mp3 player with Jim Rohn lectures. I have some videos from Les Brown that I watch over and over. i have determined to feed my mind and soul more than I feed my stomach. That fuel will build up a hunger in you to express yourself and live in new ways. Don’t seek money, seek God and allow yourself to reach and stretch. In thin reaching you will become a person who has wealth reaching for you!







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