From Mailman to Millionaire

Proof that anybody can be a success!

Excellent post on Mike Hume’s success in Prepaid Legal featured in AOL’s jobs.  A decade ago he was a mailman in a ‘stable’ career. he ventured out of the land of familiar and made a success.  Some important things to learn about his experience:

  1. It was not an over night success. Legit Multi-level marketing companies ARE NOT get rich quick ideas! it takes work!
  2. He looked for an opportunity for personal growth, not just financial growth! Humes advised: “Find a company that makes you grow as a person”
  3. Humes set his own schedule, that indirectly let’s you know that if you want to ultimately work for yourself you need to develop some discipline so that you can handle not being held accountable to anyone but you!

If you don’t know anything about Multi-level marketing always do your research. I’ll be posting about MLM and how to find the right opportunity for you this week.

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