Chose to be Awesome


I can’t speak to the ‘why’ that we are sad but one thing I know for certain is that we often remain in the blues because we don’t choose to get up and do something. I’ve never been a performance oriented person but there are clearly times where we have to make a conscious decision to get up and do ‘something’.

Sometimes it starts with little things. Wash dishes, clean out the car, make cold calls, ANYTHING!

Psychologists say that there is stored energy and emotion locked into every activity that you do. Have you ever tried to study or work but couldn’t because your desk was unorganized but as soon as it was cleaned off you were excited and able to focus? Our minds can easily tie up energy and mental capability by getting stuck on something that we can’t change or don’t like.

Please understand that being ‘awesome’ does not come from having great results as much as it does in choosing to get up and carry on with your life instead of sulking. Granted there are times and seasons where we mourn and reflect but there is always a time to get up and start over.

Start your way with the small and mundane and be awesome at something RIGHT NOW!

You Rock!



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