Assembly Required: 3 V’s You Must know

Everyone needs a dream team!

I admit it is a comfortable thing to be around people who are like you and agree with you always. BUT if you are to accomplish anything worthwhile in your life you must learn to think and act differently than the Jone’s (btw, the Jones’ went broke in the recession. she left him! )

The Bible is so very accurate when the Proverbs writer said in chapter 11:

“Where no counsel is, the people fall : but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”

Easily put, safety isn’t necessarily found in intelligence, strength, or even our own strategy. There is a power that comes from assembling the right ‘Board of Directors’ for your life. It’s good to have people who think and act differently than you do, they will prove beneficial because you can’t see everything from every angle, you have not and can not live every experience BUT with the right team you can accomplish much.

Here are 3 V’s you should use as a uncompromising Price of Admission for your inner circle:

1. Values-Do you share the same values and morals? Don’t give yourself a thorn, bad company corrupts good character. People who you trust the most must share a foundation of like value and moral fiber as you do or you may set yourself up for a enemy in the camp.

2. Vision-Friendship is not a train, you are not the engine and everyone else is the carts trailing along. People who have no vision and fire for their own life will only live off of your steam until they can hitch a ride with another. Ask your friends pointed questions: If you had $2,000 what would you do with it? Where can I find you in 5 years? Dig into their heart, if it’s cold and empty…… RUN!

3.Valor– Very important. you should be able to spark one another. Everybody hits dry patches and places in life where they feel afraid and inclined to give up. A good circle of friends is marked by sharpened ’emotional’ value. It’s easier to stand in the face of a storm when you stand with someone else who is determined to see you victorious. Think about it…even Jesus Himself sought a brave soul or two to sit with Him in His moment of pain and distress.


There you have it. Get some paper out, list some names, figure out who adds the most value to your life and you likewise. Tell these people who they are to you. Thank them for their contributions and get focused on being purposeful together!


Go make a ripple!!


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