Live Until You Die

Have you ever gone to a funeral and wondered: when will I die?

I think it’s inevitable to wonder and let your mind begin to examine your life and all those lowly souls who will grieve bitterly and sorrowfully over you when you are taken out of this life (dramatic, I know!).

Truth be told, mourning over the dead is short lived. People feel loss and take time to heal but for many of us we get better with time and grace. The lasting effect is the life that you CELEBRATE after the mourning.

When you die will people mourn your passing or will they carry on a legacy??

Leave ripples! Ask yourself: What am I here to do? What bothers me most about the world?

Search and seek your purpose and then blastoff! I believe that individuals and families should have a mission statement and specific virtues that they celebrate. In my living room is our family mission statement with underneath it written out is our ‘How’ for carrying out the mission. One of those points is ‘selfless service’. So we attempt to model sacrificial service to one another.

It might be as simple as turning the tide in the midst of some bad generational issues. Maybe you will be the first to have a successful marriage, or the first to finish college. Whatever it is find it, set your sight, WRITE IT DOWN, and live on purpose until you die!

Plan two things out before you leave this earth:

1. Where will I be in 10,000 years?
2. What condition will the world be in 100 years because of me?

Make a ripple!!!


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