Don’t Confuse Busyness with Productivity

Inbox is full but my life is empty

If I told you to stop everything you’re doing and take a break would you do it?  If I asked for you to surrender your cell phone, email access, day planner, car keys, and facebook for 12 hours what would be your reaction?

You’d probably panic.

Think about it, you go thru tons of email, phone calls, text messages in just an hour. There is so much information passing between your ears you can’t afford to step out. You might miss something, someone might miss you, OR the world might go on just as it is proving that things aren’t as intense as you think.

The sad truth is that our buzzed hyper-blab culture has bred in us a bad sense of on-the-go-ism that verges on the edge of religious zealotry. We spend our days plugged into things so much that its hard to stay tuned-in to all that’s important about our life. Before you know it we end up acting out of a sense of responsibility to be busy. The problem with this lifestyle is that while we juggle our list of contacts, status updates, meetings, and hour by hour babble we miss out on things that we will never get back. Children grow up, opportunities for making more money pass by, spouse’s grow distant, and the world around us changes without us ever taking note of it.

Wake up! Your life is not slowing down and nobody is going to stop the merry-go-round for you to get off. Act now!

A great place to start is to unplug. It’s Sunday, take some time to get in touch with what your life is about. I refer to Marc Angel’s 20 questions to give you a blueprint for your thoughts. One of the best gifts you will give yourself is the ability to gauge whether you are living on purpose or just moment to moment.

Embrace simplicity for your schedule. Regardless if your a hairdresser, cashier, executive, or stay at home parent your time is more precious than you know. Once you spend it there is no getting it back…EVER. Today you should have a grasp on where you need to be by tomorrow night. Once you figure out your basic goals for the next day strip everything away that is unessential. I know…you’re thinking: I’m so caught up on facebook, twitter, etc that I doubt that I will get free! What you must understand is that the first accomplishment is that you have trained your mind to recognize the meat from the fat. As one man said it, I’d rather aim at something and miss than shoot at nothing and hit it every time.

But that’s not the end…….

Just because you stop doing the wrong things doesn’t get you out of the woods, it points you in the right direction. Little changes over time will add up to tremendous results in the long run.You have to get simple and stay realistic. 

I’m not a minimalist. I am a huge fan of Everett Bogue however. Everett is a very famous and renown minimalist. There are some aspects of minimalist thinking and lifestyle that should never be ignored. Everett offers a free e-book that you can download and read in one night. It’s called the Minimalist Workday. You need to download it NOW, read it twice, implement the useful ideas (for me I loved #’s 18-30) and pass it along asap! Its totally free so there should be nothing from stopping you from getting it.

Finally, you have to make demands. Starting right now you must demand more from your life than from anywhere else. Fight for the inches that add up to success. It may sound revolutionary but if you find yourself in an unhappy unproductive situation that you use busyness to find an escape from then you need to make serious changes. Most people I meet are so plugged in to all the non-essentials of life because they hate their job. The solution is simple….QUIT. Fire your boss. Make a plan to work for yourself. Secure your inner circle of consul that will help to make the right decisions. Gather significant resources.

A great starting point is the e-book SMALLTOPIA. It is an absolutely helpful book that serves as a practical guide to getting started making some good income.  Notice i say ‘Practical’, not philosophical or theoretical. It’s to the point and inspiring. Invest in yourself.


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