Are You Smarter than a Comicbook Reader?

Laugh at the thought all you want to but you need to understand that there is something absolutely vital about life that only children typically understand and apply.

It’s simple and will not be very clear at first. I’m sure that when you see what it is you will shrug it off and possibly stop paying attention altogether……and you will miss out on a principle that used by the wealthiest and most successful people in the world! It’s simple: make superfriends! Keep reading…..

Are you smarter than a comic  book reader ? There are 3 Lessons you need to learn NOW!

1. Think like a Superhero!

Use your imagination: X-men, Justice League, Fantastic Four……they all have a few things in common with you.

  • As each superhero found their purpose and mission in life they also discovered a need to ban together for the common good. Even Batman found Robin and occasionally Superman teamed up with the Justice League.  Some things CANNOT be accomplished or defeated alone.
  • All superheroes are unique with specific gifts and talents AND FLAWS! Yep, I know you’ve read a ton of books, pamphlets,and blog posts on purpose-driven-promise-given-zen-habits for a better you today and you’re psyched about how special you are but guess what? For every awesome gift you have there is a flaw tucked away just waiting to be exploited! You have wounds, shortcomings, and deficits that must be managed! 
  • This last one is simple: superheroes have an arch-enemy, you have even more! Perhaps they aren’t bandits dressed in green that fly around on magical surf boards tossing bombs at you but nonetheless they are real. If you are a salesman it’s a competitor with a slight edge on you, or maybe a bad history with a client. Maybe you struggle with clinical depression or have a habit that is eating away at you. For many of us its a nasty habit of stinking-thinking that we were programmed to buy into throughout our life and now we realize that this is the reason why we can’t hold onto money, relationships, or success. Whatever the case, you face opposition in every worthwhile endeavor you’ve been called to do.

When you begin to think like a superhero you will see the need for relationships that provide what you are lacking and likewise. Look at any organization, government, or tycoon. Rather than try to make up for what they don’t have they build alliances that are mutually beneficial. Do you think Donald Trump maintains his millions by simply harnessing the power of his stunning toupe-looking hairdo? Heck no! He has developed the abilitiy to surround himself with those individuals who are capable of doing for him what he cannot do for himself.

 2. You must win friends like a superhero. Don’t expect the people you need to just show up tomorrow and beg to be in your circle.

You must develop a daily habit of adding value to others. Each day i have a habit where I spend 7-9am finding people to sow into with encouragement, accountability, or just companionship. If you didn’t stop and click on the linked phrase that said “win friends” go back and click it now (or just click the highly obvious re-link I just added for you). Read it, bookmark it, and plan your activity to implement it.

I suggest that you get a Mentor– In short,  someone who is where you want to be and wants to see you succed. According to webster’s : a trusted counselor or guide. Find somone that is making an impact in your own life and let them know who they are to you and how they can be more valuable in your relationship. It may sound weird or even selfish but people who provide guidance and show example to others often like to 1. know that they are succeding at impacting someone and 2. be given some clues on how they can do it even better.

3. Act like a superhero

Very important. What do I mean? Who hangs around Superman when he’s Clark Kent? nobody. He’s boring and dull. You might be a Clark Kent too. If you are, Please understand you suck to be around and any cool friends you have will be gone in time. You will lose the best relationships because great alliances are formed on purpose not promise. You need to be doing something now. Pursue your dreams, join a think tank discussion group on linkedin, start the necessary processes, begin your own business. I can’t stand being around people who spend all their time complaining about yesterday and wasting today. Make some key decisions and spend everyday on a mission. Walk around with confidence like a pig  and be the person to change the world!

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