If I don’t quit my job soon I’m going to Jail!

The last straw just broke! One more word and it’s quitting time. You’ve taken all you can take. Blood pressure is rising, mouth is dry, pulse is rising…..can’t take it. But wait, you need this job. You can’t quit.  Bills are due, kids need clothes and tuition, the car needs gas, rent is not cheap…..oh well, back to work. You stuff your feelings back down into your stomach, breathe deeply for a second or two, make a decision on whether you will let a tear or two slip down your cheek, and then the feeling sets in……….

Chances are you know the ‘feeling’ that I’m describing. It’s a stomach ache that sets in that sends tremors from your gut to your brain. If I had to give the feeling a name, it’s desperation. Not the kind of desperation you feel when you are in the market and feel overwhelmed  with choices of toothpaste but the feeling of hopelessness and overwhelming hatred for the place that life has you at. That feeling of “I hate this so much” sprinkled with “there is no choice, you can’t afford to leave. Give it up!”

What about jail?

The jail I am referring to is not made of steel bars and cells with four walls, a bunk bed, and a toilet. This jail has no bars, no uncomfortable bed, or bully cell mate. This jail is worse than all the rest. It is a dark, silent, solitary confinement that holds as its prisoner your joy, freedom (or ability to enjoy freedom), hope, and happiness. The worst confinement is that one that holds you captive as a prisoner to a system that you can neither see, touch, nor feel. Nonetheless, it is real and dreadful. If that’s you then allow me to be the first to say that there is hope……….if you want it.

Jail is a choice, so is freedom!

The best place to be in to prepare from your speedy exit from mediocrity and hostility laden cubicle is right where you are right now! It doesn’t matter how deep in debt you are, nor how uneducated you think you are, or how uncertain you feel about the future, if you are desperate AND READY for a release from the psychological dungeon that’s slowly suffocating the life and potential out of you then here is where you start.

The Great Escape: How to Bust Out

1. Take a great inventory of YOU

You need to see that you are your own enterprise. During an average day you have responsibilities, interactions, hobbies, and   Stop feeling like you can’t make it because you didn’t finish college. College is overrated. Get a personal MBA…it’s possible.

Here is a great tool for an annual review. Just in time for new years! Try it.

2. Seek Opportunity

This requires a new thinking. Renew your mind. The old mindset of ‘get a secure job’ has proven faulty. Don’t fall back into it. Whatever your passion is, whatever gets you going, that’s probably a huge hint to what you need to be doing.

3. Develop Strategy

Grow your vision. This takes time and ambition. You need to work on your ‘WHY’. Why do you want to quit? What’s on the line? Get in touch with your own heart and feed that desire. NOBODY ELSE WILL.

4. Live on Less–  you need the job because you have too many expenses. Check out the e-book Smalltopia and consider  selling some of the crap you have lying around. Build a business of getting better and simpler.


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