10 Failproof ways to end up exactly where you are today….by next year, Part 2

Round 2! Another day another cycle of jumping onto the hampster wheel just to rest and wonder why you do it at all. Thanks for taking time out to take a look at the blueprint of your life to get you to, yep you guessed it, absolutely NOWHERE! Here are the next 5 tips listed to give you the mind of a person who is stuck and going no further than the coffee maker:

5. get paid for time, not value

Whether you work a 9-5 or work for yourself, the worst type of thinking to have is an expectation that just because you are there you are suddenly valuable. Guess what else? Even if you were valuable at some point in the past you may not be now. The opposite of being valuable is being a liability. Unfortunately most people I meet end up at distant ends of each extreme.You can usually sense where you are by gauging some of the following habits:

  • Turn down projects and assignments because that’s not in my job description (you should read this post by Chris Guillebeau)
  • have a more intimate knowledge of your dislikes than of the needs in your company
  • steal time from the job reading blogs (that doesn’t mean stop reading now!), stumbling, and facebooking

You may be a bad liability that is heading for the chopping block at the next fiscal hardship or maybe you just need a challenge. Regardless, staying at this place will get you nothing by next year. Those individuals who are successful have mastered the art of mastering themselves. They seek niches and areas of their company or industry that they can educate themselves in so that they can be valuable.

4. Maintain the worst attitude you can muster

Attitude determines altitude, or lack thereof. In my career I’ve hired and fired tons of people. I’ve seen people who were tremendously skilled and talented get fired because of their attitude but one thing that I have NEVER SEEN is a humble worker who wants to grow and earn a living get fired for a simple mistake or even a few mistakes.  here is a great video by Zig Ziglar on attitude

3. Stay home all the time

In short, people who have a boring laborious lifestyle suffer a lack of creativity, feel hopelessness, and are horrible to be around! Before you go into a rant on how expensive it is to get out of the house please allow me to rudely put  a hand to your face………spsssshhh! There are people who can save $2 a day for amazing vacations, you have no excuse. Parks are free, rivers, beaches, even just a weekly walk is beneficial.

2. Complain

Get divorced, fired, abandoned, and bit by your dog….all in the same year! Yippee!!!! Complaining is a toxic habit that kills the atmosphere and drags everyone down. It sucks for two reasons:

  • everybody else has their problems to deal with
  • usually things aren’t as bad for you as they are for others. You sound like a jerk!

Drain yourself of gratitude, which is proven to be the healthiest emotion, and you stand a chance at talking yourself right into bad health, unemployment, loneliness, and an estranged relationship with the God who created you AND HAS ALLOWED every situation in your life that you are facing.

1. Hold your hand out

ENTITLEMENT. Simply put. I hate the word, so do successful people. You’re alone on this one. Expecting things, even if you so so so believe that you deserve it is the most sincerest setup. There is too much that has been invested in you and needed of you for you to shortcut your life because of what someone has, or has not, done to you.

I’m hoping that this list has given you a framework for being able to see yourself and where you stand in life. Right now you are positioned for SOMETHING. Is it failure? Success? Misery? Joy? Here’s the good news…..regardless of your position in life, you can re-position yourself today! Do it! Pick one thing and start doing it right now! Try it and let me know how I can help you to be where you need to be.

also read Why winners win and losers lose


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