A 7 Step Guide to Surviving Snow, or isolation

This is the view outside of my window as we endure a massive Nor’easter in Philadelphia. The winds are intense, temperature has dropped, streets are slowly getting plowed, and a large bird just flew into my window (don’t worry he/she’s o.k.!)

It’s crippling! There’s nowhere to go, we’re isolated in the house. Some moments are boring and quiet, while at other times I’m just wondering how high my gas bill will be after this month ends.

A life lesson has occurred to me: It’s not about the circumstances surrounding you, it’s about the ‘YOU’ in the circumstances. Or if I can sound a bit more epic: ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!” In essence what I’m saying is regardless of where you find yourself stuck at in life, in storms, in circumstances, YOU have choices in how to live your life and what attitude you are going to respond with.

Here are some lessons that can help to format  your mind and train you to think like an overcomer no matter the scenario:

1. Introspection is good, if it’s directed! (If not it’s called self-flagellation). Isolation can make or break you!!

I hear so many people saying: “I just need some time to think [or pray]” No offense I think it’s a cop-out and a waste of time. Going off with the intent to just process things without an idea of what or how you are going to deal with it you will probably make it worse. Guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness….take your pic. Just thinking on something doesn’t solve anything! It often will multiply your woes!

This week’s storm gave me great time to work on my annual review and use some worksheets to chart out my course for January 2011. Plus it was the perfect setting to read The 4 Hour Work Week‘s section on Fear-Setting

opt for blissful reflection…(I really enjoyed reading it. check it out)

2. If you’re not prepared you will suffer

You try getting snowed in without milk. Your belly will ache for everything from cereal to oatmeal.

3. There is probably something you should be doing that you have been avoiding. You’ll regret it. DO IT NOW!

Chloe loves the snow and was anxious to shovel with me and have a snowball fight. I could not disappoint her. If I had just put it off til later i might have disappointed her. It’s better to just do right now what you know needs to be done. Put your idle mind to action!

4. If you miss out on your plans or work ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Most times it will work itself out!

5. You can find beauty in everything…if you look for it

I was trying to drive and was feeling the pressure of trying to be safe. I had just dropped off a friend and then I felt an impulse to pull out my new camera and just start taking pictures. I enjoyed the moment. Taking the time to feel the snow, look at how serene the neighborhood was, and hold up traffic so i could look like a weirdo for 2 minutes.

Here are some other photos I saw that made me go ahhhh


6. The location (or condition) of your body doesn’t have to determine the location of your mind. be a superhero!

My daughter inspires me! She was not bored or short on ideas during the storm or it’s aftermath. She just found whatever she could to play with and got creative.This photo was her first creation: Super-Chloe (I can’t find a cape to fit me) 😦

It made me think…..

I started a little visualization exercise for my goals in finding characters to embody:


Travel: Jason Bourne (thanks to Tim Ferriss for showing me the way)

Health: Jack Lalanne (the juicer guy)

Business: Bruce Wayne (think about it, he was rich, slept during board meetings,  did very little during the day but had a full life)

Philanthropy: Bill Gates (he gives quietly and bountifully)

Parenting: Indiana Jones (come on! that would be cool!)

Leadership: Leonidas (from 300 the movie)

7. You are not in control of EVERYTHING! Wake up…that’s a good thing!

I get so tired of the master of my soul captain of my fate self help 67 steps to your best life now in a microwave moment mantras! You are not sovereign, some things ARE out of your control, and God still has the final say. The great thing about being a creature is that you are not the Creator. Stop trying to be Him! Rest and learn to trust in the one who knows your innermost desires and cares!

Keep in mind that God speaks in the snow, listen! What is God saying in the snow? listen here.

I challenge you to take an hour today and chose to think epically. Allow your thoughts the freedom to travel outside of the box, far from the constraints of “normal”. Take the limits off and just soar for a bit.  Don’t cheat yourself of dreaming and then you will know what it is to be free!

For additional reading: It’s All Mental and Reboot Your Life


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