You Can’t Be Abundant and Fat at the Same Time: An Explosive Approach to Having an Abundant Mentality

I might have seemed like a hypocrite when I told my friend that I have an abundant mentality. I say that because all that people have heard from me lately is that I am selling off or disposing of many of my possessions, living on less, carrying less things around, even closing credit card accounts. How in the world is that ‘Abundant‘ when I am dumping so much? Isn’t the Abundant life characterized by having lots of stuff!??

Nope, Noway, not at all, rubbish!

  1. Having More will always take up MORE of your time
  2. Having More will cost you more to maintain it
  3. Having More for More’s sake just cultivates selfishness

The Sad Truth

Most people are deathly afraid of harnessing any type of abundance. Why? They have never experienced anything out of the norm and don’t know how to handle the thought that they can be overwhelmingly blessed. Their FAT mentality is often expressed in two ways:

  • “I can’t do _______________. I’m not qualified. I’m nobody.”
  • “BUT_____________”

While they innovate the latest “why me” “who me” “not me” excuses, the rest of the world suffers, missing out on God-given potential just waiting to be unleashed.

All of this is fat. Fat people are weighed down by the gluttonous mass of self-focus, doubt, and are complacently dying off in someday-ville.

What is an Abundant mentality?

Definition of ABUNDANT:

amply supplied : abounding <an area abundant with bird life>

Think about that! To live abundantly is to be amply supplied FOR a purpose or reason.

Abundant Mathematics: Abundant provision (x)   +   Unique calling (y)    =  awesome anti-suck life never to be forgotten

  • Abundant Minds Do One Thing

Think of the Google vs Yahoo saga. Yahoo has 140+ homepage features to click on and yet has had it’s butt kicked by Google who features a page of…well, nothing much at all. Just a search engine. Of course there are other features and aspects of Google but at the end of the day they offer…searches!

Abundant Minds identify their uniqueness and boast about it! Weird is good, normal is overloaded with fear, complacency, and boredom! Normal is fat!

  • Abundant Minds say ‘NO’ often

Every ‘No’ is a ‘Yes’ to something else. Those who learn to prioritize their time yield the greatest results in everything they do!

Are you one of those people whose family ALWAYS calls on you for something? Do friends come to talk to you about their problems ALL the time?

Life Lesson #1: There will always be someone, somebody, or something that beckons for your attention.

Tim Ferris advises that there are Benefits to brushing people off and that IF YOU ARE SINGLE it’s probably because of your choices. (both good reads that I encourage you to check out!)

  • Abundant Minds aren’t slaves to anyone or anything

How can God ever pour out blessings upon you so that you can impact the world when your mind and heart are insatiably feasting on the things of this world?

Have you heard of the low information diet? I dare you to take a 24 hour fast from facebook, twitter, email, and text messaging. See where you are after that and if you are free or in bondage.

If you’re like me and have a history of having financial debt as your master i commend to you ManvsDebt’s Unautomate Your Finances. Though I am an affiliate with Adam’s business, I have purchased the program and I am successfully implementing it. Easy to read and very affordable, I believe in this product.

  • Abundant Minds spend time like money

Life is short. Wasting time is essentially wasting life. The people who go to bed happy are the ones who wake up knowing what they need to accomplish each day and pursue the fulfillment of walking in their purpose and wont settle for less. I’m not talking about dredging around arbitrarily putting out fires and servicing all the needs of those around you.

Here’s at tip I got from Tim Ferris: take the total amount of income you made last year (or ,if your unemployed, total yearly income you wish you made) and drop the last three digits. This is your hourly worth. Spend every moment asking “is this worth my time?”

For example, John makes $50, 025 per year. John’s hourly value is a whopping $50 per hour. Will John spend his time on video games, surfing the net, or listening to his best friend’s girl trouble for an hour? No!

What is your time worth?

Learn to keep a schedule. Check voice-mail, encourage friends to respect your time limitations, cut conversations short that are going nowhere, especially gossip!! Make relationships more purposeful: start an accountability group or get together with a partner once or twice a week  and ask each other these 14 Accountability Questions that Could Have Saved Tiger Woods Grief  I got from RevTrev.

Take a step back……

Are you proud of all you did yesterday?

Did you wake up excited about today?

Name one thing that you would be doing right now if you had 30 million dollars in your bank account. (hint, pay attention)


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5 Boundary-Setting Tips for the Work Obsessed

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3 responses to “You Can’t Be Abundant and Fat at the Same Time: An Explosive Approach to Having an Abundant Mentality

  1. Image of Anomaly

    I love your writing style. It’s engaging and attention grabbing. You cause people (at least me) to want to continue reading what it is that you have to say. Thank you for the time you put into positively affecting the lives of others. 🙂

  2. Really LOVED your thoughts here. I am leaving your blog with MUCH to think about….I’m off to burn some FAT!

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