5 Resources that Smart People Use to Escape Debt, Get Rich, and Stay Free

You probably didn’t wake up feeling like a slave today but you most likely are one. You didn’t hear the jingling shackles or  sleep in a barn, nor will you be whipped physically for trying to run away….you may actually be quit comfortable but at the end of the day the freedom you THINK you have is merely an illusion.

But wait, I’m free as I want to be…..

one question: Is your paycheck yours to do with as you please?

…..I didn’t think so!

The Borrower is SLAVE to the Lender!

Debt is massively depressing and sucks the life out of your dreams. All of the global treks that you would love to be venturing out to experience while excitedly building new facebook picture albums on a sunny beach somewhere have to take a pathetic backseat to Monday morning woes over ‘where do I find Peter to pay Paul?’

Have you ever overdraft your bank account on purpose because otherwise you’d be broke? Welcome to the club!

Consider these the tools for an extreme makeover for your bank account for 2011

5 Resources primed to change your life at the speed of a click:

1.Get Rich Slowly

“named most inspiring money blog by Money Magazine, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to sensible personal finance.”

J.D. Roth is the evil genius at this hub of ‘I don’t get that‘ translated into ‘ ahh, I can do that‘. At GRS you can learn The Importance of Salary Negotiation and, now pay attention here it comes, How- to- get- out- of -debt. I love this site because Roth takes all the big boy terms like “Roth” “cd” “money market” and makes them easy enough for a college drop out to understand. Tons of articles from guest writers with lots of experience offer a well rounded resource for you. Mehdi was the guest writer of a post I found extremely helpful called 16 Ways to Eat healthy While Keeping It Cheap.

2. Financial Samurai

Half common sense practicality and half lifestyle design. Reading through the Codes of Honor is worth the visit alone!! It’s one of those places that’ll make you say to yourself: “why am I not doing that already, I feel dumb!”. Take my advice, go to the site, read the content, feel dumb….and become financially epic!!!!

No really, if you just kept on reading without reading the Codes of Honor go back and read it now.

Also check out The Mental to Physical Connection for a Healthier Lifestyle

3. Man vs. Debt

One of my favorite blogs, Adam Baker’s story of baby stepped escape from the debt trap is stirring, hopeful, and epic! Put it this way….in the financial world he is a superhero. Let him help rescue you!

I was a fan prior to becoming an affiliate for his ebooks but now that I have been on my own path of financial breakthroughs and struggles I love his stuff even more! I truly believe in his products.

Adam has Unautomate Your Finances and Sell Your Crap e-book products for sale. Simple and passionate, Adam will give you ideas to build your own road to freedom. His ideas are good to fuel your creativity to make getting out of debt a fun and memorable experience.

4. Christian Pf

Tools! Tools! Tools! Articles like 15 Ways to make $200 Quick, 5 Legitimate Work-from-Home jobs, and My Checklist to Financial Freedom, you will always have fresh ideas to make money and helpful financial tools to kill your debt.

5. RowdyKittens

If you’ve been following my site for any length of time you’ve heard me mention Tammy Strobel at RowdyKittens. Tammy blogs about minimalism. Her approach to simplicty and doing more by having less is inspirational and dead on!Tammy will help you learn How to live simply and take steps towards epic debt busting!

Why mention a non-financial site?

easy…..there is a root issue at your core that effects why your shackled. It’s called consumerism. If you will ever experience genuine financial freedom you have to transform your own habits first!

Check out Tammy’s e-book’s Smalltopia and Simply Car-Free

Where do you start?

I suggest you take 10 minutes each. Search around the archives, see which content matches up most with your needs. sign up for newletters and free subscriptions. Eat the meat, spit out the bones. What works for someone else might now work for you.

Create a plan

Know exactly what you are dealing with and where you are going during your financial journey. Get an accountability partner to share ideas with and stay motivated. DISCOURAGEMENT WILL COME, prepare for it! have hope, you can do this!

Get a journal

This is your story and its epic! Keep track. make this whole experience a memory that you will look back on with a smile and share with future generations.


Be sure to comment on your thoughts and where you are in you in your financial journey. If this post is helpful please stumble, retweet, and facebook share!



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3 responses to “5 Resources that Smart People Use to Escape Debt, Get Rich, and Stay Free

  1. Hey mate, thanks for the shout out! Fight on, forever man. Come stop by Yakezie.com some time too. It’s one of the web’s largest Personal Finance and Lifestyle blog networks.

    Cheers, Sam

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