Facebook or Twitter: One Thing You Must Seek in all Social Media

This is a picture of the worst meal I have had in years.  I hated it. I literally became angry when I saw it again. The price I paid for it was a waste.  Say what you will about presentation, I had to cut the potato like a steak, chew the steak like leather, and pray that the ultra-dry broccoli wouldn’t turn to ashes on my fork. I had to waste money, a practice I am not too happy to indulge in. There goes the tip!!!

Have you ever been disgusted with someone elses’ output?

I feel disappointed with my interactions in facebook. It started out fun and really exciting. Catching up with old friends and sharing with others has been a great experience. Somehow facebook has become a center stage platform for status performances and empty interactions. I will always enjoy the benefits of facebook but this dark side of the social media community is counterproductive for those who want the most out of their web experience.  In short, one thing is missing: PURPOSE.

For a long time I was only on facebook. I enjoyed creating photo albums, ‘liking’ statuses, and seeing what people were doing with their lives. At the end of the day I still was left lacking. Something in my experience was missing and I was determined to find it!

Now that I have been twittering for almost two years I enjoy twitter more.

Great taste, less filling!

It’s almost senseless to say that I get more out of twitter than from facebook. Twitter doesn’t offer tons of photo albums to browse, there aren’t 2 million groups to join, or video games that post your high scores to your wall for the whole world to view. And yet, I love twitter.

“Facebook is for friends that are now strangers, Twitter is for strangers that should be friends”

There is a reason the people you know on facebook were formerly ‘former’ friends. They were not interesting or maybe they were not right for you, whatever the case,   it didn’t work out. Twitter is about surrounding yourself with those who challenge your thoughts, innovate your living, and expand your mind with ideas. It’s about taking human interaction  and delving deeper.

Call me a bandwagoner, I’ve read the articles by Everette Bogue and Jan Stewart. I’ve watched the Ted videos, which is why I have Amber’s video posted below that I heavily encourage you to watch. I see what people are saying but it comes down to me. My connectedness to people whom I know, respect, and need is growing deeper and I am increasingly adding value to those around me.

How much time do you spend on social media?                               

  Are you, or anybody else, any better for it or are you sitting at the table of normality, eating the meal of mindlessness, complaining of the internal ache from the empty calories and unfulfilled desires for purpose.



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5 responses to “Facebook or Twitter: One Thing You Must Seek in all Social Media

  1. Image of Anomaly

    I completely agree with you, I fill very unfulfilled when I go on my facebook. A lot of times I see bitter and miserable people complaining and venting about personal problems. On twitter, I have encountered people who want to encourage, edify, and genuinely connect with others to form new relationships. BTW, that meal does look very sucky, sorry you had to experience that.

    • Image of Anomaly

      Just realized I had a spelling error. It was late when i wrote this. It was supposed to say “I *feel* very unfulfilled when I go on my facebook.” 🙂

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  3. You know this is the very reason that I ventured over to twitter as I was getting tired of the emptiness in FB. Loved your thoughts here. My husband refuses to join FB & twitter (smart guy!).

    Can I say that what she shared in the video has really made sense. Maintaining a 2nd self is exhausting! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I totally agree! Twitter makes me feel inspired and encouraged (usually) but Facebook is like a drain.. I don’t like it much anymore either..

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