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When Hope Gives You Wings You Don’t Need Legs!

“When you say a situation or person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God”– Charles L. Allen

Whether you believe it or not….in life much of the suffering we go threw is optional. We don’t have control of the tragedies we have or will face in life. There is no perfect formula for finding deliverance from a situation or freedom from the thorn that has embedded itself into your heart. Some problems last a season while others may last a lifetime. The death of someone you love, broken families, heartache and confusion in the midst of financial troubles, regardless of the place you have found yourself…. there is HOPE! Not ushy-gushy feel good stuff, or momentary absentmindedness over your troubles. I’m talking about mind-blowing, life changing, eye watering, big mouth boasting, cigarette quitting, get out of bed, smile just because, oddly calming HOPE!

In all these things it is so important to understand regardless of what happens to you, you still control HOW you respond to life.The ONLY way to survive and make it thru your obstacles and trials is HOPE. Hope sustains, strengthens, empowers, perseveres, and protects. My boast in life is that I have found what is called a living hope. My prayer is that you do the same! This video is of Nick Vujicic. His story is unique but as you listen you will see that the answers he has received are probably the same answers you have been looking for!

If you have been resting on God thru trials and suffering and you see the blessing of having a living hope please leave a comment or testimony. Don’t allow yourself to be kept silent! You never know who may be encouraged by YOUR story!

The world needs you!!

For more resources:

A Story of Hope: an inspiring story of hope in the midst of loss, grief, death, and loneliness

Overcoming Depression-Tree Hugger : a must read!!!




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5 Expensive things You Don’t Need Money to Buy, or How not to suck next year!

Ok so here is another one of those posts that you’ll breeze over in your email and think some good thoughts then move on to your next inbox message, tweet, or post…….and you will regret it!

Why? Not only have I listed 5 awesome smack-happy gifts that you can give yourself  that are guaranteed to keep on giving but if you really pay attention these are some of the most expensive and rare jewels  that people yearn for, and DIE for lack of! My gift to you…..blueprint for a funner, happier life , FOR FREE!

1. Simplicity…..estimated value: Good rest, no costly anti-depressants

Balance in life can never be overrated. Perhaps you should start a garden, pickup on an old hobby, or take a class. I always thought simplicity came from staying organized but that’s not the case. A wise man said “there are no lazy people: only those who are sick or uninspired”. So often the clutter and ‘space mis-management’ we exhibit is a result of having no emotional fuel to find simplicity.

This year as I stepped out and started doing more things and trying to add value to myself I see now that I am more prone to get organized and do things that bring about balance in my life. I’m one of those people who cannot sit down to study until his desk is clean. Now as I do more of the things I have always wanted to do I feel more energetic and stay on task with keeping things simple and balanced! I have not totally arrived yet but I would not trade this simplicity for all the tea in china

Checkout: How to Live Simply: Lessons I learned from My Grandparents from Tammy Strobel

Also check out Everette Bogue’s FREE e-book Minimalist Workday: 50 Strategies for Working Less

2. Fame….estimated value: you won’t suck any more!

It may be a little off but in some way or another we are all looking for fame. If you would unwrap yourself from yourself and get devoted to something bigger than yourself, you would gain great influence in the world. Not self-centered jerk fame, but widespread hope infusing smile creating heart warming passion inspiring flame. Get over yourself!

Example: Check out my new friend Joni at Every[1] counts. She has totally devoted herself to serving God in a major way by giving a voice to those who are unheard of. I believe in what she does therefore I am writing about her so that you can read about her…hence, fame! (see all the mentions here!!??? I’m not paid by Joni or anything. She is just a great person on my anti-suck list who I want people to know about)

3. A Board of Directors….estimated value: $657,853.27

The first responsibility of any Board of Directors is to protect and extend  value. A board of directors enhances a business by adding oversight, insight, comparative thoughts, and often times, common sense where it is lacking. I own a business, as do you. My business is called Erik McEntyre, Inc. Your business is called

________(insert your name) Incorporated

To manage this business I have gathered some of the best and brightest to add the greatest value to my endeavors. Allow me to demonstrate:

  1. Scott- 55
  2. Dale-52
  3. Daniel-52
  4. Thom-45
  5. Bernard-47

Total: 250

That’s 250 years of experience, education, mistakes, success, and wisdom THAT I DO NOT HAVE. And guess what? It’s readily available to me. These are the names of the top 5 men in my life. They have the power to hold me accountable, encourage me, rebuke or correct, whatever is needed. You know how I know? I asked them to.

All it takes to build your board is to list the names of those individuals who possess values and skills/talents that you do not have and TELL THEM. Tell them how important they are to you. Share your love for them. Let them know how you feel about them and where you would be without them. Then submit. I love that word. I submit to the authority and presence of each of these great men. Note: I advise using men, if you are a man, for females vice versa.

Where did I get that value from? I made it up.  Low estimate.

4. Education….estimated value: ability to find, sustain, or create a job and freedom!

Without education you have absolutely no power. So get it…for FREE!

Education paradigms in America need to be re-examined. Schools are pretty much becoming factories of manufacturing 9-5 zombies. More and more organizations are realizing that its not always the letters behind someone’s name as much as it is the value and innovation they bring to the table. I plan to be ahead of the curve.

For example, tonight I am going to the library after work. I plan on starting my way thru the Personal MBA Reading list, my thanks to Sean Ogle by the way.  I have a busy schedule and things to do for my daughter for Christmas but if I don’t do it…it wont get done. Make time!

5. Breakfast with someone you love

Simple as it is. It’s the greatest pleasure. This Saturday morning, Christmas, I am looking forward to a rendezvous with a very special woman. My 5 year old, Chloe.

Everyone is welcome to join but she is my special guest. I even found the recipe I’m going to put together: Sausage Breakfast Casserole.

Besides breakfast you should develop the habit of  saying YES to more opportunities  to build healthy relationships and do stuff that you normally don’t do.

If I could sum it up and scream in your face really really loud I would bust your eardrums trying to convince you that you have everything you need in order to conquer 2011 and every other freakin year of your life right at your fingertips! Don’t let money ever keep you back. Money is a tool, BUT NOT THE ONLY TOOL! Your days should be wrapped up in purpose and joy, not sulking and sapping the life out of others with sob stories of how you never had what you want. That’s not what you were created for!


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If I don’t quit my job soon I’m going to Jail!

The last straw just broke! One more word and it’s quitting time. You’ve taken all you can take. Blood pressure is rising, mouth is dry, pulse is rising…..can’t take it. But wait, you need this job. You can’t quit.  Bills are due, kids need clothes and tuition, the car needs gas, rent is not cheap…..oh well, back to work. You stuff your feelings back down into your stomach, breathe deeply for a second or two, make a decision on whether you will let a tear or two slip down your cheek, and then the feeling sets in……….

Chances are you know the ‘feeling’ that I’m describing. It’s a stomach ache that sets in that sends tremors from your gut to your brain. If I had to give the feeling a name, it’s desperation. Not the kind of desperation you feel when you are in the market and feel overwhelmed  with choices of toothpaste but the feeling of hopelessness and overwhelming hatred for the place that life has you at. That feeling of “I hate this so much” sprinkled with “there is no choice, you can’t afford to leave. Give it up!”

What about jail?

The jail I am referring to is not made of steel bars and cells with four walls, a bunk bed, and a toilet. This jail has no bars, no uncomfortable bed, or bully cell mate. This jail is worse than all the rest. It is a dark, silent, solitary confinement that holds as its prisoner your joy, freedom (or ability to enjoy freedom), hope, and happiness. The worst confinement is that one that holds you captive as a prisoner to a system that you can neither see, touch, nor feel. Nonetheless, it is real and dreadful. If that’s you then allow me to be the first to say that there is hope……….if you want it.

Jail is a choice, so is freedom!

The best place to be in to prepare from your speedy exit from mediocrity and hostility laden cubicle is right where you are right now! It doesn’t matter how deep in debt you are, nor how uneducated you think you are, or how uncertain you feel about the future, if you are desperate AND READY for a release from the psychological dungeon that’s slowly suffocating the life and potential out of you then here is where you start.

The Great Escape: How to Bust Out

1. Take a great inventory of YOU

You need to see that you are your own enterprise. During an average day you have responsibilities, interactions, hobbies, and   Stop feeling like you can’t make it because you didn’t finish college. College is overrated. Get a personal MBA…it’s possible.

Here is a great tool for an annual review. Just in time for new years! Try it.

2. Seek Opportunity

This requires a new thinking. Renew your mind. The old mindset of ‘get a secure job’ has proven faulty. Don’t fall back into it. Whatever your passion is, whatever gets you going, that’s probably a huge hint to what you need to be doing.

3. Develop Strategy

Grow your vision. This takes time and ambition. You need to work on your ‘WHY’. Why do you want to quit? What’s on the line? Get in touch with your own heart and feed that desire. NOBODY ELSE WILL.

4. Live on Less–  you need the job because you have too many expenses. Check out the e-book Smalltopia and consider  selling some of the crap you have lying around. Build a business of getting better and simpler.

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Mompreneurs: Fried chicken, mini vans, and CASH

“Despite the challenge, the number of mom-owned, home-based businesses is on the rise. Entrepreneur magazine coined the term mompreneur for the female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. The magazine even has a column that’s dedicated to the challenges of the mompreneur.”

In this article Jill Chase gives an introduction to the new wave of successful mom’s and gives some resources to get you started in your mompreneur endeavors

Mom, be encouraged that you are doing a great godly work at caring for a family and it is a unique calling to raise children, not a curse. You are equipped to do great and wonderful things in spite of, rather than instead of. You can do all things!

Mom’s make the biggest ripples!

also read How to Work and Be an Entrepreneur, Too  from black enterprise magazine


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Ten Lies You’ll Hear Before Pursuing Your Dream

Unfortunately, just before you take your first step on the righteous journey to pursue your dreams, people around you, even the ones who deeply care for you, will give you awful advice. It’s not because they have evil intentions. It’s because they don’t understand the big picture—what your dreams, passions, and life goals mean to you. They don’t understand that, to you, the reward is worth the risk.

read more here from

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From Mailman to Millionaire

Proof that anybody can be a success!

Excellent post on Mike Hume’s success in Prepaid Legal featured in AOL’s jobs.  A decade ago he was a mailman in a ‘stable’ career. he ventured out of the land of familiar and made a success.  Some important things to learn about his experience:

  1. It was not an over night success. Legit Multi-level marketing companies ARE NOT get rich quick ideas! it takes work!
  2. He looked for an opportunity for personal growth, not just financial growth! Humes advised: “Find a company that makes you grow as a person”
  3. Humes set his own schedule, that indirectly let’s you know that if you want to ultimately work for yourself you need to develop some discipline so that you can handle not being held accountable to anyone but you!

If you don’t know anything about Multi-level marketing always do your research. I’ll be posting about MLM and how to find the right opportunity for you this week.

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