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5 Resources that Smart People Use to Escape Debt, Get Rich, and Stay Free

You probably didn’t wake up feeling like a slave today but you most likely are one. You didn’t hear the jingling shackles or  sleep in a barn, nor will you be whipped physically for trying to run away….you may actually be quit comfortable but at the end of the day the freedom you THINK you have is merely an illusion.

But wait, I’m free as I want to be…..

one question: Is your paycheck yours to do with as you please?

…..I didn’t think so!

The Borrower is SLAVE to the Lender!

Debt is massively depressing and sucks the life out of your dreams. All of the global treks that you would love to be venturing out to experience while excitedly building new facebook picture albums on a sunny beach somewhere have to take a pathetic backseat to Monday morning woes over ‘where do I find Peter to pay Paul?’

Have you ever overdraft your bank account on purpose because otherwise you’d be broke? Welcome to the club!

Consider these the tools for an extreme makeover for your bank account for 2011

5 Resources primed to change your life at the speed of a click:

1.Get Rich Slowly

“named most inspiring money blog by Money Magazine, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to sensible personal finance.”

J.D. Roth is the evil genius at this hub of ‘I don’t get that‘ translated into ‘ ahh, I can do that‘. At GRS you can learn The Importance of Salary Negotiation and, now pay attention here it comes, How- to- get- out- of -debt. I love this site because Roth takes all the big boy terms like “Roth” “cd” “money market” and makes them easy enough for a college drop out to understand. Tons of articles from guest writers with lots of experience offer a well rounded resource for you. Mehdi was the guest writer of a post I found extremely helpful called 16 Ways to Eat healthy While Keeping It Cheap.

2. Financial Samurai

Half common sense practicality and half lifestyle design. Reading through the Codes of Honor is worth the visit alone!! It’s one of those places that’ll make you say to yourself: “why am I not doing that already, I feel dumb!”. Take my advice, go to the site, read the content, feel dumb….and become financially epic!!!!

No really, if you just kept on reading without reading the Codes of Honor go back and read it now.

Also check out The Mental to Physical Connection for a Healthier Lifestyle

3. Man vs. Debt

One of my favorite blogs, Adam Baker’s story of baby stepped escape from the debt trap is stirring, hopeful, and epic! Put it this way….in the financial world he is a superhero. Let him help rescue you!

I was a fan prior to becoming an affiliate for his ebooks but now that I have been on my own path of financial breakthroughs and struggles I love his stuff even more! I truly believe in his products.

Adam has Unautomate Your Finances and Sell Your Crap e-book products for sale. Simple and passionate, Adam will give you ideas to build your own road to freedom. His ideas are good to fuel your creativity to make getting out of debt a fun and memorable experience.

4. Christian Pf

Tools! Tools! Tools! Articles like 15 Ways to make $200 Quick, 5 Legitimate Work-from-Home jobs, and My Checklist to Financial Freedom, you will always have fresh ideas to make money and helpful financial tools to kill your debt.

5. RowdyKittens

If you’ve been following my site for any length of time you’ve heard me mention Tammy Strobel at RowdyKittens. Tammy blogs about minimalism. Her approach to simplicty and doing more by having less is inspirational and dead on!Tammy will help you learn How to live simply and take steps towards epic debt busting!

Why mention a non-financial site?

easy…..there is a root issue at your core that effects why your shackled. It’s called consumerism. If you will ever experience genuine financial freedom you have to transform your own habits first!

Check out Tammy’s e-book’s Smalltopia and Simply Car-Free

Where do you start?

I suggest you take 10 minutes each. Search around the archives, see which content matches up most with your needs. sign up for newletters and free subscriptions. Eat the meat, spit out the bones. What works for someone else might now work for you.

Create a plan

Know exactly what you are dealing with and where you are going during your financial journey. Get an accountability partner to share ideas with and stay motivated. DISCOURAGEMENT WILL COME, prepare for it! have hope, you can do this!

Get a journal

This is your story and its epic! Keep track. make this whole experience a memory that you will look back on with a smile and share with future generations.


Be sure to comment on your thoughts and where you are in you in your financial journey. If this post is helpful please stumble, retweet, and facebook share!



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Starting the Year With the End in Mind

Call it ‘jumping the gun‘ if you want …..it’s 2am right now on New Year’s Day (2011)….everybody’s gone….the kid is asleep…..I’d really like to have some people over and hang a little bit more but…..the  only thing on my mind right now is New Year’s Day…..2012!

While people across the world are partying, celebrating, visiting/traveling I’m too excited to do anything other than what I’m doing. I’m not ‘working‘ as if I have a deadline early Monday morning or I just trying to squeeze in a little extra  effort to close a sale next week. I’m not being a workaholic or a socially dead busybee. What I am doing right now, writing, is the best leisure I can find to do at this very moment.

Here’s a few reason’s why:

  • I love writing. It is my passion and my craft.
  • I envision great blogging influences such as Everett Bogue, Chris Guillebeau, and Adam Baker sitting at a desk somewhere with a laptop and a glass of earl grey tea some years ago just like I am now. Not for money or selfish ambition but because they love what they do and wanted to pursue it at every free moment to reach people and make a lasting impact. I believe the difference between a blogger and what Seth Godin calls a modern day tribal leader is that while a blogger blogs solely to express themselves, a tribal leader begins with a vision of breaking out of molds, embracing freedom, and leading a boatload of people along with them.

Sean’s advice: “Work now when no one else will, and live the rest of your life like no one  else can.” A secret for those who go from good to great.

I’m more excited about the end of 2011 than the beginning because frankly folks….today is fun, but tomorrow is always more exciting when you have a vision!

So here is a one-word snapshot of my agenda for the year:  INFLUENCE.


How about you? What is it that you could accomplish this year that would bring tears to your eyes?

If you had an unlimited budget and a free schedule, what project would you start to change the lives of people around you and support your family at the same time?

Share your comments and let me know what the end of your year should look like……..

Don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook



10 Failproof Ways to end up exactly where you are today….. by next year, Part 1

It’s Monday morning and you probably wish it were still Saturday. Where did the time go? If it was a good weekend then you probably feel like it went by too quick, if it sucked then your Monday morning really sucks because as much as the weekend was unpleasant you feel like your week will be even more horrible! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but guess what? If a weekend can be that influential just imagine how the next year is going to be for you. Think about the last 365 days of your life, you most likely had desires to be somewhere that you may not be at now. You wanted to lose a little weight, get out of debt, get a new car, find a new job,  be a better spouse….the list goes on!

With every failed attempt there goes a loss of motivation, happiness, and hope. Now enters December, and with it the pressure to make new changes and start stretching toward that annual leap toward a better you, a more productive life, and the success that you dream of flaunting about to your ex (don’t front! somebody told you that the best revenge is massive success and you want to gloat. shame! LOL!)

The Good news: At this very moment you are most likely to be in more debt, more overweight, and less happy by next year  on this date.

The Bad news: It’s your own fault!

Why is it bad to know that your failure is your fault? Easy answer…if failure is an inside job then so is  success!

It’s sad to say because I know by presenting that reality to you there is nobody else to blame for your misery. You can’t point the finger, or single out a politician or political party, all that’s left is…..YOU. I’m sorry! If you’re going to do it why not do it well? Therefore, out of the love of my heart I have listed 10 time tested methods of effectively ruining your chances of looking over 2011 as the year of your life. The first 5 will appear today with the next 5 to follow this week. (don’t forget to subscribe)

Succeeding at failing

10. Watch Tv

The old fashion waster of time. Reality shows, daytime dramas, weekly sitcoms….choice methods of killing time (which is the most precious gift) and frying your brain.  CNN even reported on a study that says that television can take years off of your life. A few more years of couch surfing and you will become a zombie in no time!

Consider these 11 reasons to ditch your tv that Adam Baker posted. Tv is kryptonite to successful people….but a zomberific pillow to the sleepers of America.

9. Shop til you drop

The dreams that most of us talk about all revolve somewhere around the sphere of finances. Whether you want to travel, buy a car, quit your job, or just stop receiving phone calls from annoying bill collectors who call your job because you keep avoiding the calls on your cell phone, you need cash to do it!  Far too often our minds focus on ways to make money without ever examine our practices of spending money. You’ll never learn to get if you don’t learn to keep!

8. Sleep late

Didn’t expect that one? I know you figured that all successful millionaires spend their days waking up when they want to, eat cereal at 2pm, and party with snob friends until 4am. Guess what? You’re wrong! Many of the most successful people that you ever see, probably on tv (tis tsk!), actually got to where they are by being very disciplined in their schedules getting to the office before everyone else, staying late when needed.

7. Never write down specific goals

People who aim at nothing hit it every time! Have you ever found an old friend on facebook who you went to high school with and it seem like they have not done a single significant thing since they graduated….10 years ago? It’s like they jumped into a time capsule just moments after they turned the tassel. Why? Your old classmate most likely had no idea where they were going, made some very solemn assumptions about life, and played their cards as accidentally as possible.  A sure fire way to fail at life and end up miserable by age 40 is to coast along moment by moment never connecting the dots at all. People who don’t learn to live with purpose don’t really live at all.  I hope that you are not that classmate. Are you?

6. Fly with Buzzards

Our natural inclination is to find people that fluff us! We like the folks who say what we want to hear, go where we are going, and make us feel good even when we don’t deserve it. You rise, or fall, according to the relationships you have in life. Lack of real accountability (that means telling you you’re wrong when you are and holding you to your goals) is sure to get you nowhere….fast!

People who get where they want to be in life make it a daily habit of sowing into others and seeking those who sow into them. The happiest people go out and find new and interesting people to create valuable bonds with. Its boring to be around people who are just like you. But after all, isn’t boring monotonous living the hallmark of a successful failing lifestyle?

So forget about getting organized, making plans, and paying for gym memberships. If you want to hold on to any of the steps above why waste money on change that wont happen. Give it 100% of your effort towards……..well, towards absolutely nothing! Coast along, talk about change but don’t plan for it, visualize success based on what everyone else says, don’t do today what you can avoid til tomorrow. That’s the popular trend. At least you know you wont be alone!

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5 Blogs I really enjoyed this week…..and why you should too!

I don’t usually post on Friday but I have to give this $.02 cents! There were 5 different people who have wrought a profound impact on me this week by their blog post or by their personal story. I’m going to list them in no particular order but I recommend catching up on some of their information over the weekend or tonight.

If you want to understand and be a part of the blog community you must think of them as siblings. Some of them you hate so you pick on them and remind them how stupid they are, others are mild and laid back not really doing anything  but not getting in your way. Then you have the awesome big sibling who is cool, inspiring, and not a jerk. The one you model yourself after and look up to. I’m not ashamed to say that there are a few blogger siblings I look to. Here are a few:

The writer behind Location 180 is Sean Ogle. I met Sean after I signed up for an affiliate program with Chris Guillebeau. Sean contacted me and made himself available to help me with building my own program. After I looked at his site and started browsing I realized I had found a guy to admire (yeah, I could not think of a less corny way to say it). I have found blogs and self help people who are valuable but didn’t seem too caring or sincere. I like Sean because he’s an expert…who actually cares. I went to his site and clicked on everything I could browse and I found 24 Ways to Improve Your Life in 24 hours and I loved it. although I am not a lottery supporter, Sean gave some great tips that I started using asap. My favorites were getting your personal mba, take 24 hours off, and call an old friend.  Simple enough yet amazing ideas that actually made me have a wonderful morning today after talking to a friend for an hour or so. If you want to read some information that will blast you into production mode and feel good while doing it, read Locaton 180.

This is Dusti Arab. (say hi Dusti!) I came across her site last week. If I had to sum up Dusti in a sentence it would be ‘the next generation version of pursuit of happiness‘  (maybe not as dramatic but still cool!) If you have not read her story you should. She has been threw the storms and for most of us who can relate to divorce, financial issues, and single parenthood she is an example of someone who has been where we are AND HAS MADE IT TO BETTER DAYS. I suggest visiting her site because her posts, like How to travel the world with almost no money, leave you feeling creative, encouraged to press on for reasons other than yourself, and, most of all, stir a sense of ‘I can do that’ into your spirit. If I could describe her in 4 words it would be: free, empowered, passionate, and cute!   : )

ok…with a name like ‘Art of Non-conformity’ do I really need to explain?? You’ve seen me mention Chris Guillebeau before and I do it again. Why? In the Universe of blogger planets he is the sun. This guy is the truth and I believe he is going to guide me to major success.  Go to his site right now and read  How to Conduct Your own Annual Review, download the template (update it to 2011), trash your current resolutions, and start over with something you can use! I love that post. He makes freedom and financial success packaged for easy consumption. A teenager can read his tips and put them to good use. Are you smarter than a teenager?

Chris is the guy that the major bloggers are influenced by. 5 minutes in his blog or his e-book would tell you that. People are rich because of him. Don’t mistake me when I say ‘rich’. The first thing that comes to your mind is ‘$$$” but what comes to my mind is all of the great things that are a by-product of ‘$$$’ like time seeing your family when you want to, not having a heart attack because you hate your job, ability to impact the world in a positive way. Thank you Chris!

Mr. Adam Baker. The man who is helping me to free myself from the debt trap! Adam is the revolutionary behind MAN VS. DEBT.COM

Honestly, I don’t know a single American who doesn’t need to bookmark his blog and buy one of his e-books today. This guy started off decluttering his life and selling his crap to get financial freedom. Give yourself a Christmas gift: research what he has to offer and see if he can help you make a resolution to never enter into debt again.

His products are worth your consideration because of one thing: CREDIBILITY! People are using his methods and products and it works. As I am a beginning with Adam, you will hear more from me in the months and weeks to come regarding my own journey to financial freedom. Stay tuned!

If you act now Adam is offering a Free 15 book give-away contest

Rowdy Kittens is as inspirational as it is practical. Tammy Strobel is the author and kind heart behind this site. Her e-books, Smalltopia and Simply Car Free , are helping people all over to embrace a simpler life of downsized abundance! While her site is for everyone I think of mom’s especially when I visit her sites. I wish Tammy was around when I was a youngin because I really believe that so much of her wisdom would have helped my own mom through our struggles. That being said, I’m not going to miss out for me!

While I was reading a post called The Power of a Smile I remembered how I used to smile while on the phone with angry callers at my job. I’ve started doing it again because of that. smiling is contagious. Tammy reminded me of that. She sent a ripple into my heart that sent me to youtube where I bookmarked a Talking Tom video that instantly made me smile. negative feelings and thoughts come and go but I know it can be toxic for others so I make a declaration to smile! Thank you Tammy!


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