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SUCCESS is failure spelled backward!

One thing being a single parent has taught me is that some things are never an option…..

Many nights sleep before midnight  IS NOT an option

Some days peace and quiet IS NOT an option

On most evenings rest IS NOT an option (these days you can’t even microwave meals quick enough)

……when you have someone depending on you FAILURE is not an option….

I stumbledupon this hope-bursting short video from Inc.com. check it out…then pass it along!


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Innovation for Breakfast: A Dad’s Book Review of The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Workweek

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You’ve probably felt my frustration at some point in the bookstore or on a blog. You see a title that’s captivating, a post that is well illustrated, links or references that are well organized and promised to be extremely valuable……and yet you exit the site empty, close the book disappointed, and go on with life having learned nothing. The problem isn’t a lack of skill from the writer, often it’s that they are writing for a particular group that you just aren’t a part of. The 4-Hour Work Week isn’t just for business school dropouts and burnout execs who want to get out of the office more. Unlikely groups, such as students and parents, can take away huge nuggets of lifestyle-design techniques that make life more simple, effective, and prosperous.

As I have been working my way through the Personal Mba Reading list in no apparent order, The 4-Hour Work Week jumped out at me the most. More to come!

All I have to say can be summed up in 3 sentences:

  1. The 4-Hour Work Week is an awesome book with ideas that accurately redefine ‘success’ in a post-industrial world and challenge your assumptions on work, lifestyle, and currency.
  2. Every area of life needs innovation. Family, finances, work, or Church….you can improve and enjoy it!
  3. Hold to convictions firmly but methods loosely

I have read and devoured The 4-Hour Work Week and loved every innovation-infused sentence of it! Since it’s release, The 4-Hour Work Week has risen to the New York times best seller list and catapulted the name Tim Ferris. The book is an introduction to the phenomena called The New Rich and builds on a foundational ethic that I believe in, work smart not hard. The key of The New Rich is two forms of currency:

Time and Mobility

Master how to create, free up, and use these two everyday and you’re in the club!!

Ferris is not advocating for laziness or get rich quick scams that leave you questioning your own values. Instead, just as we have learned to value debt elimination, we learn in the book to value work elimination. I believe in being a good steward over my time and that everyday is a gift.  The 4-Hour Work Week is a lifestyle design guide that focuses on cutting out the unnecessary work and stress that we have grown accustomed to. The chapters are separated into four Steps using the  DEAL acrostic.

Step 1-Definition   – What is important?

Step 2-Elimination    – Kill time/activity wasting

Step3-Automation  – Put income on autopilot

Step 4-Liberation    – Free yourself from mediocrity and bondage to traditional notions that are more dead than Bambi’s mom

My Mental Renovation: What I received from The 4-Hour Work Week

I was wrong….I don’t want my kid to be wronger

I was always taught that your goals should be “goto college, get a good job, and work hard. Then everything will be alright!” That’s a lie! College guarantees nothing! Working hard means what exactly? And what good jobs are still out there? This is not the industrial age anymore. Some of the concepts and technology that people learn in their freshman year of college is outdated by the time they graduate.

Technology loses value but ideas are priceless…AND….they’re free!!!

People generate wealthy lifestyles by leveraging time and good ideas to become successful. I remember one year at my good job I had worked 60 hour weeks, generated record breaking success, and had the best quarter ever. i had made enough money to be comfortable and happy.

Did I get a reward? No! I was told that my earnings had become excessive and was placed on a salary that minimized everything I would make after that. Good job.

Life is better LARGER

Have you ever sat at your desk or in your cubicle and thought: “I could be doing this at home!” The 4-Hour Work Week gave me some awesome food for thought to construct my own method of spending less time at the office and providing great work to my boss. I don’t need to be at the job site to make results. Now I have the plan that I have already started enacting to be more mobile in 2011. Workplace independence!

If you’re a parent you share my struggle in the areas of time and finances. The two things there is never enough of. To my delight, the book offered some cool tips on simplifying my day.

Some of the cool things I gained:

  • 3 I’s to ignore (good for time management. especially for parents for working from home)
  • How to have exotic cuisine cooked at my home, by someone else, for less than the cost of Boston Market
  • How to discipline my time during social networking and pursue more purposeful interaction
  • How to outsource work and make my boss let me work from anywhere but the office
  • How to speedread

There a very few real excuses

We live in a fat and overdrawn society. We daily walk in the funky essence of more is better, busy is productive, and overload is undervalued. Uh…no! I dare you to take 24 hours and construct your own low information diet. Unplug from the zombie lifestyles we’ve grown to love!

Elimination is probably the best word to describe the quest that I am on. Eliminating frivolous work, time wasting habits, and unnecessary information. I have a hunger to delegate. I’ve always been what you call a firefighter. I love the glory of solving the problems that I actually created through my own failure to empower others and develop systems that get the work done. Oh….just in case you didn’t know….this is a very biblical principle! Yep..it’s in the book! 🙂

Case in point: The Apostles at the beginning of the church utilized the principles that Tim highlights in the book.

1 In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Grecian Jews among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. 2 So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. 3 Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them 4 and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.” 5 This proposal pleased the whole group.-Acts 6:1-5

The Apostles knew the work to which they had been called and would not allow other things to compromise that. Delegation, walking in purpose and identity vs conformity to the demands of everybody else, and ability to hear one voice amid a cloud of others.


Most importantly, I received hope from The 4-Hour Work Week. There were sections of the book that I did not agree with. some bits and pieces of advise I have absolutely no intention of using, but at the end of my exploration of the world of the New Rich I knew without a doubt that I could do and accomplish things I had only talked about before. That’s the beauty of this book, it explains the what and illustrates the how. Before you get to Step III you have already tried 5 different things to grow you so you can handle the next idea that jumps at you. The process of reading becomes a process of transformation.

As a Father it’s important that I invest  my time wisely and live a lifestyle that enables me to be available to my family and effective in business. After devouring The 4-Hour Work Week I intend to use many of the tools I have gained to make my own case studies and experiment in my new lifestyle. Regardless of where you are in life, ministry, or family this work is a good read to equip you and stretch your thinking to match up with the global environment we find ourselves living and competing in.  Visit

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My Epic Plot for World Domination in 2011

Let’s keep this short and simple. Next year I’m taking over the world. Feel free to stay tuned and witness my evil genius at work as I attempt to conquer, create, and collaborate the most massive launching of McZizzle the world has ever seen!

Your thinking:

“he’s got an ego!!”

“This guy is cocky”

or “I want to takeover too!!!”

Before you judge please allow me to make a quote that may help things to be a little more clearer so you see what I mean:

“The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides, the drift of the continents, the very position of the sun along its ecliptic. THESE are just a FEW of the things I control in my world!” – Master Chief Urgayle

Confused yet? Here’s the point: world domination, huge influence, epic hero stories to tell my daughter when I’m old and grey…they all begin with dominating one thing…….ME!

yep, that’s the simple truth I deal in.    1. I, Erik, am weak, broken, degenerate-if left alone to myself- and yet 2. I can do all things! (insert mad tyrant genius laugh here, here, and here-pick one!)

So in a few words allow me to give just a few points in my action plan to rule and not be ruled!

  • Give an autopsy to 2010!

Bottom line: I failed in some areas. The good news: this year is dead. i can move on!

I don’t mean failed like failed to put the toilet seat down or the macaroni burned on the stove. I mean big financial no no’s, costly relationships, and failure to respond to opportunities.

To be honest with you, I worried too much, prayed too little, spoke too often, and acted too late.

Therefore, as I have begun my annual review, I realize I can’t look forward til I understand what went wrong.

  • Get the mind and skills of a CEO with the lifestyle of a fisherman

Business is my craft. I want to be skilled and bring value to every project I touch. That doesn’t mean that I want money or popularity or a spot on The Apprentice. I want to count. I enjoy building up companies from the ground, I love systems, and let’s face it, EVERYBODY needs to lead better and that’s what business is really about…charting a course and LEADING people there!

I’m committing to working my way thru the personal MBA Reading list. I’ve already begun and it hasn’t costed me a dime! Thank God for the free library. Say it with me…..FREE!

I’ve also gained some great links to free education from Marc and Angel’s 12 dozen places to educate yourself. A big thank you to those Carnegie Melon Professors who will be teaching me for free next year. BRAVO!

  • De-clutter my life

“One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity”
-Bruce Lee

That doesn’t sound epic but it is! Simplicity, living on less, being less dependent on stuff frees me up to live the life I’ve always wanted.

I have a goal to do all my work independent of location. That means I want to be able to work from Starbucks at 12pm everyday if I so choose.

  • Parent a revolutionary

My biggest priority and mission is to effectively and lovingly parent my daughter Chloe. Be assured, my Princess is not being raised to go to college, get a good job, marry a boy who wears loafers and has a nice degree. No, far be it from me! I pray that Chloe learn to love, sacrifice, fight, cry, and do something bold with her life.

I’m going to be proactive with time that I spend in growing as a dad. Reading, listening to seminars, and being purposeful to spend time with my baby while she’s still my baby! 15 minutes a week reading parenting materials, nightly devotionals, weekly date-night, and an increased bating average (my bating average is the time I spend in one on one conversation with my daughter. No music, movies, TV, or distractions.)

What’s your bating average?

  • The Ripple Effect

I want this site to be the address of cool. Come here for encouragement, a laugh, and a wake up call!

This blog is a business that I am devoted to and passionate about. I want to find at least 5 blogging buddies to network with and help each other grow. One of my best influences on blogging and building influence is Mars Dorian. I’ve learned how to build my presence and, my favorite advice yet, develop an awesome business card!

If you are interesting in building a presence together and learning to build a business online inbox me on facebook or twitter.

  • Give anonymously and overwhelmingly

about a year ago I made a promise to myself to using the Global Prayer digest to guide my prayers for international missions but now I feel led to go a step further. In 2011 I will select one country to support financially and prayerfully with intensity. Not to say I have abandoned the world, but i want to zoom in and help and learn about one specific region. I’m starting at World Vision’s catalog for giving.

I will be creating  a new category to chronicle some of our other exploits such as traveling, pimp-slapping debt, and creating everything else i can’t find. Subscribe and comment often but most of all…develop your own vision for 2011. Don’t read about it on my blog, do something that you love! If you don’t know what to do then schedule some time for thinking and do it! You have been blessed with one life and only a few moments to live it. Live it on purpose!

If you want to do an annual review I invite you to visit Chris Guillebeau’s site to read How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review Let’s give feedback and  hopefully help each other out in our preparation for next year!

(for all you self employed wannabe guru’s check out Chris’ e-book The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself while you’re there!)

In closing, let’s get going with everything we’ve got. No excuses, no fear, no hesitation……

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.-“Self-Pity” by D.H. Lawrence  (see the context here)

Welcome to my world!!



10 Failproof ways to end up exactly where you are today….by next year, Part 2

Round 2! Another day another cycle of jumping onto the hampster wheel just to rest and wonder why you do it at all. Thanks for taking time out to take a look at the blueprint of your life to get you to, yep you guessed it, absolutely NOWHERE! Here are the next 5 tips listed to give you the mind of a person who is stuck and going no further than the coffee maker:

5. get paid for time, not value

Whether you work a 9-5 or work for yourself, the worst type of thinking to have is an expectation that just because you are there you are suddenly valuable. Guess what else? Even if you were valuable at some point in the past you may not be now. The opposite of being valuable is being a liability. Unfortunately most people I meet end up at distant ends of each extreme.You can usually sense where you are by gauging some of the following habits:

  • Turn down projects and assignments because that’s not in my job description (you should read this post by Chris Guillebeau)
  • have a more intimate knowledge of your dislikes than of the needs in your company
  • steal time from the job reading blogs (that doesn’t mean stop reading now!), stumbling, and facebooking

You may be a bad liability that is heading for the chopping block at the next fiscal hardship or maybe you just need a challenge. Regardless, staying at this place will get you nothing by next year. Those individuals who are successful have mastered the art of mastering themselves. They seek niches and areas of their company or industry that they can educate themselves in so that they can be valuable.

4. Maintain the worst attitude you can muster

Attitude determines altitude, or lack thereof. In my career I’ve hired and fired tons of people. I’ve seen people who were tremendously skilled and talented get fired because of their attitude but one thing that I have NEVER SEEN is a humble worker who wants to grow and earn a living get fired for a simple mistake or even a few mistakes.  here is a great video by Zig Ziglar on attitude

3. Stay home all the time

In short, people who have a boring laborious lifestyle suffer a lack of creativity, feel hopelessness, and are horrible to be around! Before you go into a rant on how expensive it is to get out of the house please allow me to rudely put  a hand to your face………spsssshhh! There are people who can save $2 a day for amazing vacations, you have no excuse. Parks are free, rivers, beaches, even just a weekly walk is beneficial.

2. Complain

Get divorced, fired, abandoned, and bit by your dog….all in the same year! Yippee!!!! Complaining is a toxic habit that kills the atmosphere and drags everyone down. It sucks for two reasons:

  • everybody else has their problems to deal with
  • usually things aren’t as bad for you as they are for others. You sound like a jerk!

Drain yourself of gratitude, which is proven to be the healthiest emotion, and you stand a chance at talking yourself right into bad health, unemployment, loneliness, and an estranged relationship with the God who created you AND HAS ALLOWED every situation in your life that you are facing.

1. Hold your hand out

ENTITLEMENT. Simply put. I hate the word, so do successful people. You’re alone on this one. Expecting things, even if you so so so believe that you deserve it is the most sincerest setup. There is too much that has been invested in you and needed of you for you to shortcut your life because of what someone has, or has not, done to you.

I’m hoping that this list has given you a framework for being able to see yourself and where you stand in life. Right now you are positioned for SOMETHING. Is it failure? Success? Misery? Joy? Here’s the good news…..regardless of your position in life, you can re-position yourself today! Do it! Pick one thing and start doing it right now! Try it and let me know how I can help you to be where you need to be.

also read Why winners win and losers lose

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Mompreneurs: Fried chicken, mini vans, and CASH

“Despite the challenge, the number of mom-owned, home-based businesses is on the rise. Entrepreneur magazine coined the term mompreneur for the female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. The magazine even has a column that’s dedicated to the challenges of the mompreneur.”

In this article Jill Chase gives an introduction to the new wave of successful mom’s and gives some resources to get you started in your mompreneur endeavors

Mom, be encouraged that you are doing a great godly work at caring for a family and it is a unique calling to raise children, not a curse. You are equipped to do great and wonderful things in spite of, rather than instead of. You can do all things!

Mom’s make the biggest ripples!

also read How to Work and Be an Entrepreneur, Too  from black enterprise magazine


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The Cash Flow Quadrant

There are 4 different people that make up the world of business. Everybody isn’t the same.Robert Kiyosaki explains that there are 4 different cash flow quadrants that you need to know about. Each quadrant represents a person, a mindset. Use this video to assess your values.

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