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Pardon my Foul Mouth

There is a word that you don’t use that I love. You’ve heard that it is bad, negative, and at times, a bad four-letter word…….

…..and yet, as I sit in my peaceful living room watching the sunrise, tranquil and serene, it’s the only thing bouncing off the walls of my zenned out brain!


Pure and wonderful. God-given and life enriching. Wondrous, bountiful, world-changing HATE.


God knew when He created you that a good amount of hate in the soul is a blessed puppet string for the soul!

HATE focuses your mind.

HATE keeps you awake when you’re in a battle for your life.

HATE is at the essence of fearing God!

HOW you use hatred is the determinant of whether you are a crusader, tyrant, or couch-comfy creep!

What will you hate today?

I HATE that children in Africa are starving and dying because of drought.

I HATE laziness.

I HATE self-pity.

Will I writhe in hatred against any of YOUR lifestyle today? Hate whispers in your ear: “GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!”

Chose to crusade before you ease onto your pillow tonight.




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