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Dad’s Guide on How to Stop Smoking before You Start!

Are you disgusted by cigarette smoke?

Why do people smoke? It makes people smell you from 20 feet away, tarnishes your teeth, blackens your lungs, and puts you at risk for cancer. It doesn’t make sense. People shouldn’t smoke, it’s ‘stupid’….right?

Sometimes it’s easy to judge a person’s WHAT without adequately understanding their WHY.

Smoking….drinking…..drug abuse….self-righteousness anger….binge eating…….all signs and symptoms of a thirsty and burnt-out soul!

Life has a way of steering you toward the worst sources of relief when you are experiencing the worst episodes of agony. Until you have been sorely tested and tried you can never say what you won’t do.  Burnout can lead to some of the most unsavory of habits.

What is burnout?

Here is my definition: Not knowing where to start nor where to end.

My experience in burnout is like the time that you go swimming and for the first time you find yourself having floated to the deep end and feel that first wave of water go over your face, covering your nose, deafening your ears……panic….fear….helplessness….grasping for help….

It’s the stab of fear you get just at that moment when you realize: I’m in over my head…..

How does it happen?

how does a boat capsize? it takes on more water in a manner that it cannot handle.

“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions your soul  has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker.  False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous  system.”- Seth Keen

The question then is not how do you stimulate a soul that is being overworked, overtaxed, and overwhelmed…

In part 2 of this post I’ll dive into some unconventional techniques that will not only invigorate your freeze-dried soul but also explode your brain cells with new creativity. Until then, take a breath, take a walk, and take a moment to thank God for the problems and the issues you have……it is for your good, REALLY!





A great pic from Jennifer.  Can I say three words to make it simple?  DO SOMETHING….NOW!! I don’t think we are lacking for creativity, resources, or opportunity, what’s missing is the NOW factor. Start pursuing the things that have been dancing around your mind. You want to quit your job, make a plan today. Still looking to lose weight, get full on all the right foods. Stop yielding energy and time to thoughts that wont go away and do something about it!

There’s a resolution: Everything that comes to my mind that is true,  noble,  right, pure,  lovely, and admirable I will act on. No more waiting.

It may seem like such a hard thing to do but, believe it or not, the person you are as of today started with little things that you started and stopped doing and…..bam! Here is the current you! Get rid of that old baggage that you carry around. Start making ripples in your own heart and mind. Be hungry for good ideas all the time.

You will see that for every step you take, for every investment of your energy you make into being obedient to your ‘marching orders’ those internal ripples will become waves of transformation! Go out each day daring to think for yourself. Do something risky with your life, be afraid to fear,  and enjoy the ride!

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