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10 Failproof Ways to end up exactly where you are today….. by next year, Part 1

It’s Monday morning and you probably wish it were still Saturday. Where did the time go? If it was a good weekend then you probably feel like it went by too quick, if it sucked then your Monday morning really sucks because as much as the weekend was unpleasant you feel like your week will be even more horrible! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but guess what? If a weekend can be that influential just imagine how the next year is going to be for you. Think about the last 365 days of your life, you most likely had desires to be somewhere that you may not be at now. You wanted to lose a little weight, get out of debt, get a new car, find a new job,  be a better spouse….the list goes on!

With every failed attempt there goes a loss of motivation, happiness, and hope. Now enters December, and with it the pressure to make new changes and start stretching toward that annual leap toward a better you, a more productive life, and the success that you dream of flaunting about to your ex (don’t front! somebody told you that the best revenge is massive success and you want to gloat. shame! LOL!)

The Good news: At this very moment you are most likely to be in more debt, more overweight, and less happy by next year  on this date.

The Bad news: It’s your own fault!

Why is it bad to know that your failure is your fault? Easy answer…if failure is an inside job then so is  success!

It’s sad to say because I know by presenting that reality to you there is nobody else to blame for your misery. You can’t point the finger, or single out a politician or political party, all that’s left is…..YOU. I’m sorry! If you’re going to do it why not do it well? Therefore, out of the love of my heart I have listed 10 time tested methods of effectively ruining your chances of looking over 2011 as the year of your life. The first 5 will appear today with the next 5 to follow this week. (don’t forget to subscribe)

Succeeding at failing

10. Watch Tv

The old fashion waster of time. Reality shows, daytime dramas, weekly sitcoms….choice methods of killing time (which is the most precious gift) and frying your brain.  CNN even reported on a study that says that television can take years off of your life. A few more years of couch surfing and you will become a zombie in no time!

Consider these 11 reasons to ditch your tv that Adam Baker posted. Tv is kryptonite to successful people….but a zomberific pillow to the sleepers of America.

9. Shop til you drop

The dreams that most of us talk about all revolve somewhere around the sphere of finances. Whether you want to travel, buy a car, quit your job, or just stop receiving phone calls from annoying bill collectors who call your job because you keep avoiding the calls on your cell phone, you need cash to do it!  Far too often our minds focus on ways to make money without ever examine our practices of spending money. You’ll never learn to get if you don’t learn to keep!

8. Sleep late

Didn’t expect that one? I know you figured that all successful millionaires spend their days waking up when they want to, eat cereal at 2pm, and party with snob friends until 4am. Guess what? You’re wrong! Many of the most successful people that you ever see, probably on tv (tis tsk!), actually got to where they are by being very disciplined in their schedules getting to the office before everyone else, staying late when needed.

7. Never write down specific goals

People who aim at nothing hit it every time! Have you ever found an old friend on facebook who you went to high school with and it seem like they have not done a single significant thing since they graduated….10 years ago? It’s like they jumped into a time capsule just moments after they turned the tassel. Why? Your old classmate most likely had no idea where they were going, made some very solemn assumptions about life, and played their cards as accidentally as possible.  A sure fire way to fail at life and end up miserable by age 40 is to coast along moment by moment never connecting the dots at all. People who don’t learn to live with purpose don’t really live at all.  I hope that you are not that classmate. Are you?

6. Fly with Buzzards

Our natural inclination is to find people that fluff us! We like the folks who say what we want to hear, go where we are going, and make us feel good even when we don’t deserve it. You rise, or fall, according to the relationships you have in life. Lack of real accountability (that means telling you you’re wrong when you are and holding you to your goals) is sure to get you nowhere….fast!

People who get where they want to be in life make it a daily habit of sowing into others and seeking those who sow into them. The happiest people go out and find new and interesting people to create valuable bonds with. Its boring to be around people who are just like you. But after all, isn’t boring monotonous living the hallmark of a successful failing lifestyle?

So forget about getting organized, making plans, and paying for gym memberships. If you want to hold on to any of the steps above why waste money on change that wont happen. Give it 100% of your effort towards……..well, towards absolutely nothing! Coast along, talk about change but don’t plan for it, visualize success based on what everyone else says, don’t do today what you can avoid til tomorrow. That’s the popular trend. At least you know you wont be alone!


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