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When Hope Gives You Wings You Don’t Need Legs!

“When you say a situation or person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God”– Charles L. Allen

Whether you believe it or not….in life much of the suffering we go threw is optional. We don’t have control of the tragedies we have or will face in life. There is no perfect formula for finding deliverance from a situation or freedom from the thorn that has embedded itself into your heart. Some problems last a season while others may last a lifetime. The death of someone you love, broken families, heartache and confusion in the midst of financial troubles, regardless of the place you have found yourself…. there is HOPE! Not ushy-gushy feel good stuff, or momentary absentmindedness over your troubles. I’m talking about mind-blowing, life changing, eye watering, big mouth boasting, cigarette quitting, get out of bed, smile just because, oddly calming HOPE!

In all these things it is so important to understand regardless of what happens to you, you still control HOW you respond to life.The ONLY way to survive and make it thru your obstacles and trials is HOPE. Hope sustains, strengthens, empowers, perseveres, and protects. My boast in life is that I have found what is called a living hope. My prayer is that you do the same! This video is of Nick Vujicic. His story is unique but as you listen you will see that the answers he has received are probably the same answers you have been looking for!

If you have been resting on God thru trials and suffering and you see the blessing of having a living hope please leave a comment or testimony. Don’t allow yourself to be kept silent! You never know who may be encouraged by YOUR story!

The world needs you!!

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