Tools for Life

A Master Plummer has the best tools, a brain surgeon has a vast collection of medical journals, not to mention specialized equipment for his trade, and you have ____________ ?

If you want to be equipped to master your life and build sustainable wealth (get rich and stay rich) then here are some of the greatest tools I can recommend.

I commend anything by Chris Guillebeau. The man is successful at empowering the captives to find their own freedom. If I had a list of top ten people to have coffee with he’d be one of them.  If you have never heard of The Unconventional Guide to working for yourself stop everything and read more NOW!

This ebook  is for you if: you want to create your own personal freedom through a very small business. You don’t want to be a slave to the cubicle anymore.

Click here to visit RowdyKittens.“>

Tammy Strobel is the creator of Rowdy Kittens and an awesome example of simplicity, happiness, and social impact thru decluterred living.

This ebook  is for you if: you feel overwhelmed in life and want to build a wealthier lifestyle where you work for yourself while losing the emotional fat that comes with western living.

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This one is a no-brainer! Do you still remember what you bought when you pay your credit card and loan bills?

This ebook is for you if: creditors see more of your money than your banker does!

  • eliminate stress over money
  • stop impulse spending
  • start paying yourself instead of debtors

Remember: the borrower is SLAVE to the lender!

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Christian. Atheist. Agnostic. Buddhist. Everyone can use this book. If you are a non-conformist and don’t mind having your mind and values challenged, read this FREE ebook!

This ebook is for you if: you don’t want to waste a second of your life! Make ripples!

Sidenote: I am an affiliate with some of these authors, meaning you will support Single-Dad with your purchase. I assure you that I do not promote books or items that are not helpful and worth the investment.


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